Achala, Nuwan & Baby Aranya

We have got to know about Champa and Chandrani though our best friends Swethaki and Ruwan Narasinghe. Ruwan was my batch mate in university and later we worked together in same architectural office.

Those were days which migration consultants were everywhere like some kind of a virus. But on the first day we spoke to them we have realized these guys are not some amateur migration “wanna be” consultants. They know what they did.

They have proven their work by getting us residency in Australia in a recorded time. We’ve just came as two. But now we are three with our beautiful daughter Aranya.We are enjoying our lives here not just by seeing how Aranya is developing herself but how Australia is developing our lives as well. Recently Achala’s mother visited us here. Went on some long road trips.

Yes, that’s what Australia can offer you.

Thanks Champa & Chandrani for showing us the correct path to Australia.